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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fun in the sun

After a great night out and then waking up with an extremely bad hangover, the morning always seems brighter by the beaming light peering through the blinds. After the weather we've been suffering from knowing the sun is out to energise us with happiness for even half a day makes us feel that little more peppy!!.

So to enjoy a glimpse of the sun today I tried out my photography skills while Sophie tried out her modelling. Check out some of the photo's, were really pleased with them...........................

 Sophie's rocking a plain grey t-shirt with high wasted blue shorts. The look is made individual and unique by adding the oversized cardi (oversize being a trend for A/W 11,12 ) , £40 Urban Outfitters and the £8 Topshop tights. The 'Cambridge' looking satchel was purchased in Primark and finishes off the overall look!

Thanks Soph x x


  1. Like the look.
    Simple yet beautiful xo


  2. Yeah I totally agree, it's a great day look!!!
    Thanks x


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