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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Office shoes

Office have grown massively since the 1980's because of their originality and creativity. Wearable shoes at a good price and fashionable. Just now they are showing four trends which all include amazing shoes, take a look their are some fantastic shoes!

1.Studio 54 is a bold and fun trend. The bright colours, crazy shapes and high heels are definitely for the bold and the brave!

I would <3 these for the colder days of the year! Added to my wishlist.

2. Lux punk. Studs, rivets and animal prints are what creates this collection. A modern twist on 80's classics the shoes are modernised with the best styling and material of the season.

3. Vintage is a collection which has taken influences from the 1940's but has been injected with a hint of glamour to give a more modern sexy look.

4. Seventies, as the name says is a trend which shows off the best of the 70's which dominated the people's cupboards.



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