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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Something Unique...

 Thrifted and Modern is an online vintage store which sells woman's apparel, jewellery and accessories. When I came across this website I was searching for a 60's outfit for a friends birthday and as soon as I had a browse I was hooked  by the unique garments and jewellery. Some of the items are quite pricey and each garment is a one off piece therefore each garment is a certain size. However if yo find an item in your size which you can afford it will be well worth the money!! If your one of the bold and brave, like vintage pieces or are looking for a quirky gift, take a look and find out more about what Thrifted and Modern offer and how the website works!...........enjoy xx

Also because the woman's retailer is based in San Francisco the prices are in dollars and if you want to check out more follow their blog to find out inspirations, street style and editorials....

                                              Individual Beauty!

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