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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Vintage Fair 2011

This is a cardi i purchased from Edward Vintage. Very happy!!!

My friend got her styled by a lady from Miss Dixiebelle Boutique which is situated at 19 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh........ To find out more go on their website because they offer so  much more !!

 The day was absaloutely fantastic at the Vintage Fair in Edinburgh and I bought so many items which I fell in love with so need to get them up ASAP so use all can have a look!!!
 If any one else got to go and have a look not just in Edinburgh but anywhere else please leave a comment and let me know how your day was and mabye how it differed to what we went too from looking at the photos. Thanks Guys xx

Oh and also here are some links and websites you may want to have a look at! They are from different stalls at the fair, some are online shops, facebook pages and blogs, so check them out.................Kerry ClearRowan JoyPreservedGlamour BunnyPrinces VintageThose were the daysGodivaEdward Vintage xx

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