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Friday, 30 March 2012

spring sun

We have been very lucky to have sun, sun, sun this past week. I managed to steal a full day of sunbathig but have not been able to enjoy the sun as much as i would like due to the pile of college work i need to get through!!!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week, enjoy it while it lasts :) xx


sunday fun

Here are some pictures of me and some of the fantastic o'connoll girls. We had a fantastic night with too many shots and vodka.............we danced the night away!!!


Monday, 12 March 2012

Friends together

Well done to my friend Siobhan Dawson who graduated from her nursing degree. My friends and I had a fantastic night supporting her in her success and we finished the night with hugs and kisses after a full night of dancing, drinking and gossiping!
Take a look at some of the photos, all the girls looked beautiful and really dressed to impress! Love use all x

                                                                                                       Nurse Dawson

Angelina Jolie style !!

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