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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


It's nearing the end of January and I'm sure you fashion finders have hunted and shopped to find the best bargains out there. I've had a look online and found some unique and trendy items from the high street shops at bargain prices which are still up for grabs!! Have a look at these fantastic items which of course can still be worn and accessorised with this year, make it apart of your   and remember they won't be in sale for much longer..........

£10 River Island, Creeper Shoes

£10 New Look, Tartan Skirt

£12 Dorothy Perkins, Dress

£15 Dorothy Perkins, Jacket

£10 H and M, Jumper

£15 New Look, Jumper

£15 New Look, Shoes

£15 H and M, Dress

£20 H and M, Jacket

£20 New Look, Dress

£20 Oasis, Dress

£28 Dorothy Perkins, Denim Shirt

£22 Urban Outfitters, Shirt

£15 River Island, Maxi Skirt

£3.00 H and M, Earrings

£30, Oasis, Dress

£30 Oasis, Skirt

£30 Topshop, Wedges

£40 Dorothy Perkins, Jacket

£30 Topshop, Heeled Sandals

£40 River Island, Boyfriend Coat

£15 Warehouse, Wrap Dress

£40 Topshop, Leather Jacket

£20 Urban Outfitters, Boho Sweater

£22 Urban Outfitters, Bustier

£7.00 New Look, Slipper Shoes

£17.00 New Look, Peach Top

£15.00 Warehouse, Floral Trousers

£20 Urban Outfitters, Blouse Dress

£30 River Island, Shift Dress

£20 River Island, Satin Dress

£12 Warehouse

£15 Topshop, Tube Skirt

£25 Warehouse, Shoppers Bag

To find these items or to find more sale items go to River Island, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Oasis, Warehouse, Urban Outfitters to find more

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Henry Holland is an amazing designer and I'm sure we would all love a piece of Henry Holland clothing...However we also know that in the House of Holland, most products are exceeding our budget. Therefore I have picked a few items which are in the sale but are definitely not out of trend and can be worn again and again and you will always feel like a proper fashionista. We can't deny we would all love  own at least one item on Henry Holland............. 

Houndstooth top £51.00

Ride It Sweater £45.00

Long sleeved jersey dress £66.00

Maxi Dress £78.00

Raglan Dress £100.00
Tube Skirt £30.00

To find out how much you are saving on these fantastic items or too see more Henry Holland pieces in the sale go to Don't forget that you can also shop for new arrivals to the House of Holland and find out up to date news on the brand through the website.


H and M

I hope everyone is still achieving their January goals and have definitely not given up!!! If your goal was for a healthier lifestyle check out H and M's new sportswear range. Feeling good when working out will give you the confidence and determination to work hard!!






Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Hope everyone has had a good start to 2013 and are sticking to those resolutions you made at the start of the year!!! January is the kick start month for detoxing, getting healthy and making plans for the rest of the year......... keep passing by to find out new trends throughout the year and those high street looks and buys.
Love and good luck x

Make 2013 happen the way you want it too.

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