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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Henry Holland is an amazing designer and I'm sure we would all love a piece of Henry Holland clothing...However we also know that in the House of Holland, most products are exceeding our budget. Therefore I have picked a few items which are in the sale but are definitely not out of trend and can be worn again and again and you will always feel like a proper fashionista. We can't deny we would all love  own at least one item on Henry Holland............. 

Houndstooth top £51.00

Ride It Sweater £45.00

Long sleeved jersey dress £66.00

Maxi Dress £78.00

Raglan Dress £100.00
Tube Skirt £30.00

To find out how much you are saving on these fantastic items or too see more Henry Holland pieces in the sale go to Don't forget that you can also shop for new arrivals to the House of Holland and find out up to date news on the brand through the website.


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