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Monday, 22 April 2013

Festival Fun

Glastonbury, T in the Part, Wakestock, Leeds and Reading, Rockness or V festival, which ever festival you have tickets booked for this year never forget your all important festival wardrobe..........Laidback, fun, indie,  mellow, free spirited and relaxed we all love to wear the clothes we know we can really fit in and get away with. I've picked some items i would definitely buy if I had the chance to go to one this year but i'm sure a few items will sneak into my holiday wardrobe just to break the rules!!!! All affordable and from our trusted high street and online stores and don't worry each item can be dressed up differently to be worn again and again. :-)

£10, River Island

£12, Asos

£16, Topshop

£20, Asos

£20, Top,  Topshop

£20, Urban Outfitters

£24.99, Miss Guided

£25, River Island

£25, Top, Urban Outfitters

£30, River Island

£35, River Island

£35, River Island

£38, Asos

£38., Urban Outfitters

£4, River Island

£55, Topshop

£55, Urban Outfitters

£6, River Island

£6.99, Miss Guided

£75, Topshop

£8.99, Miss Guided

£9.99, Miss Guided

£9.99, Miss Guided


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