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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Jelly Button Jewellery

Check this quirky little business out, Jelly Button Jewellery. Soooo cute and fun and takes me right back to my childhood days. All the designs are amusing, entertaining and exciting. I'm sure at least one design will put a smile on your face and would be a fantastic gift for one of your friends. Check out the website and the Jelly Button Jewellery business on Facebook for new info and designs. : D

Ring £3.00

Braclet, £10.00

Braclet £12.00

Ring £3.00

Braclet £4.00



Hair Clip £4.50

Earrings £5.00

Earrings £4.50

Earrings £5.00

Earrings £5.00

Keyring £7.00

Ring £7.50


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