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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Denim, Denim, Denim, Denim........................Double Denim?

So from the catwalk, magazines,internet and high street stores we all know that everyone is trying to work the double denim. Is this a good thing? Well Yes. Its fun, trendy and with the right combination it does look really stylish. Let's be fair from way back and beyond everyone has had something denim in their wardrobe, so why not get it all back out and turn it into something more modern. Doing this can still make you look individual and unique even if the outfits been brought back up to date with on trend accessories and a plain top or going even further and using dip dye, rips and studs.
Just remember....denim is here to stay and for this season try to channel the same colour of denim because if not your outfit may be very ineffective and off trend.

£24 Dorothy Perkins

£28 Dorothy Perkins

£28 Topshop

£28 Topshop

£29.99 Miss Guided

£30 River Island

£32 Asos

£32 Topshop

£33.50 Asos

£34 Topshop

£35 Asos

£40 River Island

£45 Urban Outfitters

£52 Asos

£60 Urban Outfitters

£85 Asos

£29.99 Miss Guided


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