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Friday, 14 October 2016

Choker. Your statement piece

For the past year I have seen choker necklaces not just on the runway and on celebrities but also on each one of my friends. A small piece of jewellery has now become a trend which has evolved in time. Now of course the choker necklace from what we know as a fashion trend started in the 90's and has now become one of the biggest fashion trends which people just won't let go. Saying this the choker which became more popular was the bow choker which I saw everyone wear, however the choker has evolved in to much, much more. Now the choker necklace can be the statement piece of your outfit and believe me there is A LOT to choose from. As always though I like to give you options which are quality, on trend but most of all affordable! 
Take a look.....
March of the Damned Chain Collar Necklace

Rose gold tone double loop chain choker

Johnny Loves Rosie Lace Gem Drop Choker
Lipsy Drape Choker
Lipsy Drape Choker

Lipsy Drape Choker
Metal Trim Lace Up Choker Black

New Look £9.99
Velvet Self-Tie Choker

Ariana Nude Faux Leather Ring Detail Choker

Velvet Neck Wrap

Bohemian Medallion Choker Necklace


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