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Friday, 14 October 2016

Home Time

I arrived home yesterday from 6 months in Lake Garda where I worked in a beautiful hotel in Gardone Riviera. In the past 3 years I have been working back to back seasons in Italy which have been amazing!!
My next adventure takes me to Austria in November through to April 2017. From then I am very un sure what my plans will be but im 70% sure just now I will be moving back to Scotland to get some routine in my life and finally un pack my suitcase!
However when I lay in my bed tonight after having a nice relaxing day at home I really wanted to do some blogging as it felt like forever I had posted........................ and it has been.....
It makes me so sad to see I havn't posted since April 2014. It shocked me.
So I just wanted to write a little post to say a massive Thank You to everyone who has come back to look at my blog even though I have been rubbish at keeping it updated and for the new people who took the time to have a look.
For people who have seen my blog they will now notice I have uploaded a fun new background for halloween coming up and I will be blogging a lot more now I have some time off. So here is to the future. To finding time to doing things you love to do and to re connecting.
Thank You to everyone
Jessica xox


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