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Saturday, 30 September 2017


I remember back in 2012 when iKrush opened one of it's stores in my local shopping centre I was thrilled to actually see items which were vibrant, fashionable and sexy. Being in a small town with only a few high street brands it really was exciting for us girls.

Unfortunately the shop didn't last which meant we had to redirect online which of course wasn't a problem since we are addicted to online shopping at any given chance.

Honestly, I don't think I have shopped on iKrush since being abroad so much, it definitely wasn't a go to brand for me. When I shopped for casual clothes I always found it difficult. They always had sexy dresses but this isn't what I wanted, I wanted more variety and more womanly not girl clothes.

However after stumbling upon it the other day I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the brand has moved on so much. The variety and colours were great and I could tell going through the clothing that they really had expanded to a wider range of colours, styles and fabrics.

The other day I spent so much time on this website as there were so many things I wanted! I've only chosen a few items to show you but if you want to see more make sure you go on to the iKrush website.


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