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Friday, 29 September 2017

Miss Pap with Miss McKenna

Megan McKenna with Miss Pap

Every step seems to be getting better for reality star Megan McKenna. In 2016 Megan opened her own beauty range, Mouthy and in 2017 she opened her own restaurant called MCK Grill and tickets are now on sale for her tour in December (tickets are available by clicking the link in her bio on Instagram)
after bringing out two new singles which went to number 1 and 2 in the i tunes chart over taking Taylor Swift and Pink.
From being in Ex on the beach, Celebrity Big Brother and TOWIE she is known by a lot of people leading to a large gathering on Instagram, Twitter etc.
Honestly, she also has great style. Always prim and proper with her bouncy wavy hair, perfect makeup and glowing tan, Megan really is on trend, clean cut and stylish with everything she wears.
MissPap has collaborated with Megan again which has resulted in some bold, feminine, sexy pieces. I have only pulled a few through but make sure you check out the rest of her new Game Collection on the MissPap website!


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