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Friday, 29 May 2020

How to become more body confident

I've not always been body confident but if I'm eating healthy, exercising, socialising and taking time out for my hobbies then what I look like doesn't cross my mind. Being positive also helps me have a realistic understanding of whether I'm happy and if I'm not happy what I can change. It's taken me a long time to have a good relationship with food, learn about exercise and how to incorporate it into a daily routine. Social media also plays a massive part in people's confidence as we compare ourselves to unrealistic, photoshopped, "perfect" people everyday. What we forget to think about is why these people felt the need to get surgery or photoshop their bodies in the first place and the underlying issue is usually because they're unhappy with their own body or areas in their life. I wanted to share some of my favourite articles and websites who give tips on how we can become more body confident. Once you've had a read of them you'll notice that they are all relatively on the same wave length. Making changes and becoming more confident with who we are will have affects on how we look at relationships, friendships, how we treat others and most importantly how we treat ourselves.

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