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Monday, 29 June 2020

Best Sleep Ever




You take your make up off, wash your face, brush your teeth, pajamas on and your ready for bed. You climb in to your soft sheets & get cosy then you start tossing and turning because you can't sleep. It's the worst feeling. Becoming restless at night can affect the way we live our life the next day so it's really important to give our body rest and reenergise. Sometimes it's easier said than done and with lockdown being several months long getting a good night sleep has become extremely difficult for many people.
Not getting enough hours can take a toll on our productivity, mental health, emotional balance, weight, energy levels and your daily mood.

I wanted to share some fantastic articles which have helped me change my daily routine and now I'm sleeping alot better.

1. HelpGuide- How to sleep better

2. healthline- 17 proven tips to help you sleep better at night

3. Sleep Foundation- Sleeping Tips & Tricks

4. Mental Health- Ten top tips for good sleep

5. Woman'sDay- 24 Little Tricks

The top 3 tips that have worked for me are,

1. Keeping a routine of when I go to bed and what time I wake up. Once I wake up in the morning I get up and open my curtains.

2. The iphone goes away an hour before bed. This helps me wind down and relax. I also switch my main light off and my lamp on. If it's warm I'll keep my window open.

3. During the day I try to exercise and go outside as much as possible.


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