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Monday, 1 June 2020

How to have a productive week

To get the best out of your week make sure you give yourself time on Sunday to plan and organise (this works best for me). I usually do this in the afternoon before dinner so I can relax afterwards and really wind down. Depending on how busy your lifestyle is and what responsibilities you have you may need half an hour, two hours or longer to write down your plans and add details.

I recieved my Adventure Awaits notebook as a gift and I use this to scribble ideas down during the week. On Sunday I make a clear plan of what I want to achieve day to day and I write this in my Getting Stuff Done planner which I bought from CGD London online. This planner is amazing as each day has a page to write notes and the opposite page to write about meal plans, expenses, shopping lists and personal notes.

When your planning on the Sunday for your following week there's a few points I like to follow,

1. Focus on one thing at a time
You know which things are important and must be done by certain days so make sure you prioritise these to the top of your list for each day. From there you can add in hobbies, socialising, exercise, events etc. If you have plans with friends, family or colleagues try and confirm them so you can set enough time aside on that day. This way you won't start chasing your tail during the week.

2. Be realistic
Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you think about everything you have to do in the upcoming week but if you plan properly it can really help keep your stress levels down. Remember your only human. As much as we would like to be everywhere at once, it's impossible so make sure you tell people no if you don't have the time.

3. You time
It's very easy to get caught up in work and family life but you need to always look after yourself. This is really important so think about what makes you happy whether thats giving yourself a mini pamper once a week or going to a quiet space to read a book. If you don't do this life can become too much very quickly.

4. Review your day
After a busy or relaxed day it's nice to take 10 minutes and think about how your day has been. If you don't feel happy or content then take a look at why. Do you want to learn something new, challenge yourself, do less in your day, take more time for yourself. All these things can be accomplished. Make sure you take down notes day to day of what works and what you would like to change so you can incorporate these into your Sunday planning.

5. Things can change
We all know things can change at a flip of a switch so it's key that your not hard on yourself if your day doesn't go exactly to plan. Sometimes we have to juggle tasks and step in when you least expect it but it's all part of life. 

It's always great to talk to a friend or family member if you've had a hard day or something out the blue happened. By communicating and talking about your feelings and thoughts it lets you put that situation/day to the side and move on starting fresh.

I hope this is helpful. If anyone has any of their own tips they feel free to leave a comment and share.


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