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Tuesday, 30 June 2020


Shein has become widley popular for it's affordable & trendy clothing and accessories. My order arrived with each piece of clothing in its own modern Shein zip bag and took around two and a half weeks to arrive. I was happy with all the clothing I received. I would recommended ordering a size bigger if you want your t-shirt or shorts baggy as the sizing seemed pretty bang on. I would say there's reviews on 99% of the clothing which is helpful if your worried about the sizing or struggling to make a decision. I've linked all the clothing I ordered below with pictures and I can definitely say I'll be ordering from Shein again.

If you would like to find out
 more about their designs, manufacturing & mission click on About us. Shein also offer men's apparel, children's clothing and home accessories.

Solid High Rise Sports Leggings £12.49 (Best gym leggings I've bought)

Wide Waistband Solid Sports Shorts £8.99

I've added some of my favourite items added new to Shein online however there is plenty more to shop. Lots of prints, designs and colours available. Please remember if you make an order the delivery can take up to 25 days depending on your location.


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