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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Waking up in the best mood

I always felt like exercise was a chore and when I was younger I only ever linked it with loosing weight. As I've got older I've taken more responsibility for my health and being active has played a huge part in this.

Having a morning routine helps be better my mood for the day. I feel lifted, energised, focused and confident. Not only this but my body feels strong, my skin looks healthier and my posture is ten times better.

I shared a video on my Instagram of me doing a 10 minute morning yoga stretch for beginners. Ten minutes exercise in the morning can still make an impact on how your going to live that day. Of course if you have more time you can do 30 minutes or even longer. I wanted to add some videos I use on YouTube and some Instagram accounts who share live morning workouts and circuits on their page.
You don't have to push your body to exhaustion but stretching the body and taking time for yourself can help with productivity and food choices throughout the day. After an energised day your going to sleep so much better at night! 

Instagram accounts:
courtneydblack (posts weekly schedule)
aliceliveing (posts weekly schedule)
jvfitness93 (no live workouts but posts circuits on her page)
linnlowes (no live workouts but post circuits on her page)



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