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Friday, 17 July 2020

Body Project

I've been home for around seven weeks and trying to stay motivated can be really hard. It's so easy to preach healthy lifestyles and to stay active but I'm sure they're many people like myself who have loved longer mornings in bed, full days on the sofa and eating way too much junk food. 

It can be really difficult to keep your spirits high and stay motivated on a daily basis but it's extremely normal & everyone deserves to rest and enjoy a bit of down time. 

However it is important to be active. If your struggling with getting up and moving or your looking for something new, the Body Project have fantastic workouts for you to try. My friend introduced me to the YouTube videos and I've been trying different ones for the past few weeks. They have workouts for all levels and you can choose your own intensity. When I arrived home and got into lockdown my Instagram feed was full of high energy, HIIT, full impact workouts and it was a little over whelming. The best thing about the body project is that the workouts are low impact and only last around 30 minutes but believe me you will sweat!!! I would say I'm an intermediate but you can choose beginner videos to start with. 

I've linked some of my favourite videos below.

To keep up to date with new videos and information you can follow teambodyproject on Instagram. I hope you get the chance to try out the videos. Let me know which one is your favourite! 

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